Maximum flexibility. Rock solid.

The Stuttgart Instruments Alpha is an ultrafast, wavelength-tunable frequency conversion system. Its compact and passively stable design based on revolutionary fiber-feedback optical parametric oscillator (FF-OPO) technology guarantees outstanding stability, reproducibility and shot-noise limited performance. It is available with a variety of pump laser options at different repetition rates and pulse durations.



Alpha 100 fs

Typical performance of the Alpha when operated with 100 fs pulses.

Alpha 100fs spectral range

Alpha 350 fs

Typical performance of the Alpha when operated with 350 fs pulses.

Alpha 350fs spectral range

Alpha 1 ps

Typical performance of the Alpha when operated with 1 ps pulses.

Alpha 1ps spectral range


Besides broad tunability and full automation the Alpha features:

  • Power stability <0.5 %rms
  • Spectral stability <0.02 %rms
  • Repeatability <0.1 nm
  • Ultra low noise <160 dB/Hz
Alpha performance


  • (s)SNOM microscopy and imaging
  • Coherent Raman (SRS, CARS) microscopy
  • (M)IR spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved pump probe spectroscopy
  • Vibrational spectroscopy
  • Multiphoton fluorescence spectroscopy

Replicator option

Alpha replicator plot

Exploit the Alpha's unprecedented repeatability with the replicator option. The replicator allows saving any arbitrary system state (spectrum, output power, module settings) and restoring it any time. All modules are supported. The replicator is fully integrated in our AlphaTune software and comes ready-to-use with any third-party software.

Modulator option

The Alpha can be equipped with a high speed optical modulator. All outputs are modulated through a single input signal. The system comes with a fully integrated modulation architecture including a precision electronic oscillator and full software support.

Alpha modulator plot

Narrowband option

Alpha narrowband linewidth

Multi-branch option

The Alpha is perfectly suited for parallel operation of two or more independently tunable and optically synchronized branches. Ideal for maximum flexibility in pump-probe methods or for driving multiple experiments in parallel.

Alpha multibranch option 1
Alpha multibranch option 2

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